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What a French Creole Cooking Term Can Teach Us About Customer Loyalty

After finishing an incredible meal in the French Quarter of New Orleans, the best part of the experience may very well be the lagniappe (pronounced LAN-yap). While it sounds like a fancy seafood dish, a lagniappe is actually an unexpected gift. That special dessert, complements of the chef. The small box of chocolates for you […]

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A 4-Step Formula to Create Freakishly Loyal Customers

We each have that one company we’ve hired that is absolutely fantastic. It may be your landscaper, favorite restaurant, retail store, airline, parts supplier or marketing firm. Think about that company for a minute, and you’ll start to smile. “They just get it,” you say to yourself. You’d never consider switching to a different provider, […]

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3 Hacks to Boost Client Loyalty and Growth

In these highly competitive times, it’s become increasingly difficult to hold onto customers. Retention is tough, and client growth is even harder with fickle clients and fleeting loyalty. It turns out, building deep, loyal, profitable client relationships isn’t as complex as the DaVinci code. In fact, these three simple hacks can boost your client relationships […]

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