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6 Lessons I Learned From My Father

Robert Linkner was one strange dude.  He forged his own path as he journeyed from hippie to psychologist to retailer to financial planner.  He had a hilarious, dark sense of humor, was an incredible chef and had a series of oddball hobbies.  He took pride that his tastes in music, travel, food, and life were […]

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What We Can Learn From Tragedy

Like so many around the word, the unspeakable events in Newtown, CT literally brought tears to my eyes.  Even as I write this, my gut is in a knot and my head is pounding like a snare drum.   How could something so unimaginable occur?  What kind of monster could commit such a heinous act?  And […]

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How to Botch Your Career

Your parents probably gave you loving advice on how to land a job and work your way up the ladder.  Unfortunately, that advice is likely dead wrong.  While their intentions were probably noble, the world has changed so dramatically in the last few years that the golden nuggets of the past have become the anchors […]

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