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Your Second (and Most Important) Job

From Cabinet Maker to Cyber-Security Analyst, we each have the title on our business card. When asked what you do for a living at a cocktail party, the stock answer is your craft or profession. Lawyer, machine tool operator, insurance adjustor, or barista, we often identify with that primary title. Yet in this highly competitive […]

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If You Want To Become a Leader, Start Acting Like One

People are constantly asking me for advice on how to get promoted. They want to move up the ranks at their company, take on more responsibility, and expand their spheres of influence. While the notion of being a leader seems nice (but possibly far off), you’ve got it backward. It’s not suddenly that you’re anointed […]

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Lead Without Title

At a recent visit to a NYC jazz club, I witnessed a near disaster averted only by another’s selfless act.  The vocalist (the leader in this instance), instructed the musicians to begin a classic jazz standard in a specific key.  Once she began to sing, however, the highly trained musicians cringed with fearful anticipation.  The […]

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