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Increase Trust, Reduce Cost

$167,731. That’s the annual cost to house, feed and guard a single prison inmate in New York City, according to a recent report published in the New York Times. This whopping price tag equates to a daily cost of $459.54. In the sharpest of contrasts to the cement-block walls of a cold jail cell, the […]

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Extend Trust to Earn Trust

The East L.A. neighborhood of Boyle Heights is a rough place. Plagued by violent crime and poverty, this rundown area has a history of gangs and prison sentences. In fact, more than 65% of ex-cons in California are back in jail within three years. This recidivist behavior represents an enormous cost to society, both in […]

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7 Deadly Sins of Leadership

With mounting pressure and competitive tension, you may be seduced into sloppy leadership patterns that can ultimately hurt your business.  In these challenging times, thoughtful leadership has never been more important and it is your responsibility to continuously refine your game.  Here are seven common traps to avoid: 1. Violate trust. This goes beyond straightforward lying, […]

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