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Setbacks: Game Over or Game On?

What do Oprah Winfrey, Mick Jagger, and Jeff Bezos have in common? They are all incredibly successful, true, but they also have each suffered more than their share of knockdowns. Every great leader – from Gandhi to Galileo, from Beethoven and Zuckerberg – has stumbled. Those that make history also endure adversity. A common quality […]

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7 Powerful Lessons from Ancient Japanese Wisdom

As we search for new approaches to our biggest challenges, we often seek the latest-and-greatest tactics from the hottest, cutting-edge research on performance. It feels like there’s a brand new management approach, tech tool, or leadership style on a daily basis. Yet sometimes we can progress even more by learning from those before us.    […]

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Where’s the Beef?

Your mouth waters as you stare at the plate in front of you. You size up a sizzling, juicy burger, grilled to perfection. Charred top, juicy center, enchanting smell. That first bite sends your taste buds into a state of pure joy. Truly one of the best burgers you’ve ever gobbled. Except it isn’t a […]

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