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The Zen of Heavy Traffic

Here in Detroit, the arctic weather has delivered one giant mess on the roads. Colleagues of mine have reported downtown commutes as long as 2.5 hours for a ride that would normally take 35 minutes. The seemingly endless traffic causes mere frustration for the patient person and outright rage for the flustered. While waiting at […]

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Run Toward Your Fear

One day, a wise Zen master went to visit a remote mountain temple accompanied by a monk.  As the two approached the temple a pair of ferocious dogs began running toward them.  The dogs were barking and angry, sending fear down the spines of both men. The monk, who was still in training, saw the […]

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The Past is Dead

We all face incredible challenges in our lives. Difficult people. Ruthless competition. Time constraints. But so many of us succumb to an imaginary and impotent demon that strangles our potential and restricts our progress. This fictitious monster is called simply … the past.

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