The Dark Side is Yummy

Posted on January 23, 2012 by Josh Linkner

When Darth Vader tried to persuade young Skywalker to join the dark side, it wasn’t a very compelling proposition. Who wants to wear black, talk weird, and live like a monster? If the dark side were that unappealing, it would be easy to say no.

But that’s not what modern-day darkness looks like at all. Instead it is shiny, juicy, and tempting. It comes perfectly packaged and marketed directly to our soft spots. That delicious candy bar or cheeseburger that poisons your body and robs your vitality. The expensive handbag that you have to have, but only drives you deeper into debt after momentary pleasure. That relationship that’s all surface and no substance.

In fact, the dark side looks anything but dark. It is appealing in every way and is designed to test you. Anyone can say no to living in a cave. It’s much harder to say no to the illustrious temptations that adeptly lure you in to their evil grips.

It often comes down to small choices. Should you watch trash reality TV or read something inspiring? Should you hit the bar or hit the gym? Should you perpetuate a relationship that provides nothing more than momentary indulgences or seek a partner that helps you reach the next level?

At nearly every turn you’ll face scrumptious temptations. The good news is that you get to make each choice along the way. Momentary pleasure or sustainable fulfillment. The easy thing or the right thing. Darkness or light.

If you think about it, your life becomes simply the product of all the choices you make. How important is it to achieve your full potential? To fulfill your long-term dreams? To make your biggest possible impact?

If you prioritize true fulfillment, you’ll have to make some tough choices along your journey. You’ll need to have the strength to say no to overwhelming temptation in order to say yes to your real calling. Here in 2012, we don’t conquer evil with light sabers. Today your weapon is purpose, passion, and commitment. You’ll win the fight with inner focus rather than outer strength.

The dark side is only getting more alluring. Which means your commitment to excellence is needed more than ever. Don’t be outsmarted by the hollow temptress. Stand firm in your place of power and watch these enticing shams crumble into dust.

As the dark side becomes yummier, it’s time for you to strengthen your resolve.

Master Yoda will be proud.

8 Responses to “The Dark Side is Yummy

  1. There is a great t-shirt which says “come to the Dark Side….we have cookies” and I believe it to be true. For this reason the path to greatness is often the one with the least traffic – everyone wants to go down-hill. I love your article because it just gives me a little boost that some of my tougher choices have been supported – it is more difficult but far more rewarding to go to the gym/spend time with the family/ do the work properly than to bunk out/go to the pub or stop at a fast food joint!

    Anyway, just wanted to thank you for a Monday boost of inspiration.


  2. Josh,

    I agree with your point of view, but I would add this: No one is capable of resisting the temptation of the Dark Side, unless they discover an equal or greater temptation to move in the opposite direction. It is not an act of will that causes us to resist temptation – it is the power of an opposing temptation.

    Our wills control nothing but our actions. Our actions are dictated by our beliefs. Temptations are sinply a reflection of our beliefs. If we don’t like the results of our actions, it is not because we lack the strength to control our actions. It is because we lack the awareness to change our beliefs.

    In many ways, changing one’s beliefs is an act of self destruction. That’s the hard part. It only happens when “one is prepared to give up that which one is for the sake of that which one could become.” It is just a choice between opposing temptations, based on the ability to change one’s beliefs. That is no eay trick.

  3. Thanks for the inspiration! I tend to agree that over time and throughout history good does triumph over evil. The challenge is to fight the good fight even when others around you appear to have a competitive edge going over to the dark side.

  4. I loved this and it was exactly I needed to read today! Thanks for the inspiration and for reminding me what’s important.