Flying the Plane

We use complex models, historical data, and buzzwords such as “Key Performance Indicators” or “Balanced Scorecards”. Like dashboard instruments these tools are great, but not the one-and-only factor in creating success. We hire team members for their judgment and creativity, but often relegate them to merely following systems mechanically.

How often as a consumer have you dealt with a large company and had an experience that just didn’t make sense? You explained in vain to the customer service representative and we’re told “I’m sorry. That is our policy.” Flying on instruments alone is a sure-fire way to crash the plane and lose your most precious assets (customers).

What would happen at your company if “policies” became “guidelines”? What if we trusted talented team members to use their own experience and insight to do the right thing? What if companies flew on both IFR and VFR? Which companies do you think will win in the next era of business, the Age of Creativity?