11 Thoughts for My New Nephew

My sister Sarah had a baby on Saturday morning – a big beautiful boy named Lane. It got me thinking about what advice I’d give to someone who will graduate high school in 2029, have kids of his own around 2040 and, with advances in healthcare and a little luck, should ring in the year 2100.

Here are 11 nuggets I have for my new nephew (and for all kids, from 1 to 92)…

1) Put Passion First – People will constantly tell you what you “should” do. Instead of doing what others expect, follow your dreams and your heart. You’ll be much happier, and you’ll make the world a better place too.
2) Build Your Creativity Muscle – This will be your most important skill, and will allow you to thrive and win. Develop your creativity early and often – it will pay off big-time.
3) Don’t Stumble Over Something Behind You – Regret is the worst human emotion, since you can’t do a thing about the past. You’ll make lots of mistakes, which are nothing more than the portals of discovery. Fail fast, learn, and move on.
4) Leave it Better Than You Found it – Every interaction, meeting, class, project, game, and relationship leaves you with a choice. You can add value or remove it. Do the right thing instead of the easy thing. You’ll be glad you did.
5) Reject Limits – Break free from limits that others try to impose on you. Your ideas, creativity, and potential are nearly limitless. Reach for the edges.
6) “Do or Do Not, There is No Try” – This is a quote from Yoda (ask your parents about a movie called Star Wars). Simply put, commit to your dreams and do whatever it takes to reach them.
7) Playing it Safe is Irresponsibly Dangerous – The history books you’ll read (on your iPad) will never talk about people that lived small. Those that take risks, break the rules, and create their own future are the ones that make the biggest difference. Make your own mark, and never let fear hold you back from your true potential.
8 ) Embrace Change – The world will continue to change at breathtaking speeds. Those that get locked into one way of thinking get passed by. Standing still is the beginning of the end, so keep yourself open to new ideas.
9) Be Appreciative and Humble – Einstein once wrote, “You can live each day as if everything is a miracle, or as if nothing is.” True ‘dat!
10) Be a Lifelong Learner – Continuously sharpen your mind and devour knowledge. Learning constantly will enable success in every area of your life.
11) Have fun! – Life is meant to be savored. Enjoy every sip, sound, and bite.