The Weekly Roundup – April 23, 2010

Overcoming your fears – 7 secrets from the ages

All of us must deal with our fears, and often they are what stand between us and greatness – or at least making the attempt. Clink on this link to see what the experts have been saying for 2,000 years are the best ways to overcome those pesky obstacles:

Creative Advertisements – Lots of them

Perhaps you thought creativity was dead in the advertising world? Not so – in fact, it’s working harder than ever in a media-saturated, 24/7, TiVo wielding age. Click on this link to see a wonderful array of great ads – 90 of them. Yes, 90.

Creative People in Health Care

Media reports to the contrary, there are many people working very hard to try to fix the US’s health care mess, and a number of them have some very creative ideas about the problem – and its solution. Click on this link to re-charge your enthusiasm for fixing this very tough problem with some real heroes:

Creative Motorcycle design

OK, here’s your outrageous toy alert for the week. For a mere $70,000 USD, you can be the proud owner of the Mission One motorcycle. This baby is electric, and just about the sleekest looking thing on the planet. Be careful, if you click on this link, you may be calling the bank to raise your credit limit: