The Weekly Roundup – June 19, 2010

10 Signs that Innovation Will Go Horribly Wrong

Big companies – and even modest-sized ones – depend on innovation. But how can you tell when things are about to horribly wrong? This list of 10 danger signs is very helpful for spotting the problems early:

The Innovation Life Cycle

It’s extremely difficult to foster game-changing innovation in established businesses. This article shows why – and what you can do about it:

Stuck with a project? Use your creativity zoom lens

Everyone has had the experience of getting too close to a project, or work in general, and losing perspective. This article offers several simple ways to re-establish your perspective and your creative juices:

The Creative Secrets of Einstein and Disney

What did Walt Disney and Albert Einstein have in common? An incredible ability to picture where they wanted to go creatively speaking. Learn the secrets of the masters in this article: