The Weekly Roundup – June 4, 2010

Amazing Buildings

Some of the most amazing buildings in the world demonstrate the creativity of architects all around the globe, from Chicago to Vietnam. Check these buildings out and you’ll definitely want to move to more interesting digs!

Found Creativity

Need to get out of a rut? Often the best way is to take a quick break and change up your attitude with a quick change of pace, of scene, of inspiration. Here are 50 simple ways to get it done:

Natural Inspiration

One of the best sources of creative ideas is nature. Take something that nature does well and apply it to your need, your problem, your situation. Here, innovators have developed a new kind of paint that will improve aerodynamic flow, thus increasing the fuel efficiency and speed of airplanes, ships, and lead to better wind turbines. They borrowed the idea from the shark:

Baby knows best

Ever wonder where Edwin Land got the idea for the Polaroid camera? The Philosophical Baby tells all: