Detroit – From Decay to Opportunity

The story of Detroit (my home town) is an unfinished book.

In Chapter One, our city was born with the DNA of creativity, innovation, and a passion for change.  Creators like Henry Ford put our city on the map by imagining a better tomorrow and then making it happen through entrepreneurial fire.  And with this passion, our city prospered.  Chapter One was all about original thinking, fresh ideas, and innovation.

Chapter Two, also known as the dark ages, came next.  We left our entrepreneurial roots and shifted to a mindset of entitlement.  Our arrogance and hubris changed us from creators to protecting hoarders.  We felt unbeatable.  We built stifling bureaucracies. We stopped inventing and dreaming.  We stopped creating.  And we stopped winning.

As the evil forces of bureaucracy, finger-pointing blame, and protectionism emerged – our city crumbled.  We ended Chapter Two as a national punch line.  The rest of the country gave up on us, and we were spinning with hopelessness and despair.

Now we enter Chapter Three.  It’s the beginning of this chapter, and we all have a choice.  We can continue to point fingers, cry in our soup, and long for the days gone by.  Or we can DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  We can own it, fix it, and rebuild it. This is our time.  This is our defining moment.

The path to a bright future is clear: we need to double down on creativity and innovation.  It’s time to reconnect to our roots of entrepreneurship, risk-taking, and original thinking.  The innovative heritage of our past is the key to unlocking a prosperous future.

This same story applies far beyond Detroit, Michigan.  It applies to the crumbled financial industry.  The decimated real estate arena.  The red-tape laden healthcare space.  In fact, nearly every industry is in the midst of massive upheaval.  The real question is – how will you respond?

What’s that burning challenge you’re facing right now?  Career?  Family?  Educational system?  Local Government?  Environment?   Just like we Detroiters, you have a choice.  You can cling to the past and hope for the best.  Or… you can choose to get creative.

Which brings us back to Detroit.  Chapter Three.  This is our time to make a difference.  This is our time to transform a crumbled city into a new beacon of hope.

This is also your time.  To reconnect with your imagination and unleash your true creative potential.  To overcome your own challenges with fresh thinking, new ideas, and unrestricted innovation.  This is your time to be the author of your own story.

Seize this moment. Choose now.