The Best Resume Ever

Unless you are a trust-fund socialite, you’ve somehow been affected by the challenging economy.  It’s likely that you or someone you know have hit a major career pothole.  The European economy is as turbulent as an amusement park ride and the US Dollar is softer than a newborn’s blanket.

So how in the world can you recover in these gut-wrenching times?  How can you help your friends and family get back their swagger?  If you are thinking a back-to-basics approach, you may find better luck at the horse track.

In an era where fitting in feels safe, one incredibly creative job seeker took the path less travelled.  Philippe Dubost, a web product manager, decided to unleash his creativity in order to stand out from the herd.  He did so, by making an exact replica of an shopping page with himself as the “product”:

His attention to detail and sense of humor shined.  The list price of $999,999 has been discounted.  To find the actual price, you must “add to cart.”  Hurry though… only “1 left in stock.”  The Product Details include dimensions (height of 186cm), Languages (English, French, Spanish), and the average customer review (five stars, naturally).  The Amazon-esque resume even includes a banner ad and suggested complimentary items to add authenticity.

The results?  The online resume went viral and Philippe’s server crashed within hours of his Jan 25 launch (the site is back up on a new server now).  The free service he used to receive inquiries exceeded the maximum limit, and he is literally working day and night to respond to all the job offers he’s receiving.

Philippe will undoubtedly land his dream job despite fierce competition and long-shot odds.  He’ll win because he has the courage to stand out and to sprint in the opposite direction of the competitive flock.  He let his creativity shine to the point where he simply couldn’t be ignored.

You may be thinking, “good for him but that wont work for my industry, age, background, location, or education level.”  I’m sure thousands of product managers felt the same way until Philippe proved them wrong.  Your best shot and seizing your full potential is to set yourself apart from others.  Philippe became a “category of one.”  How can you do the same?

Even in an economy that feels like quicksand, you can gain solid footing by expressing your inherent creativity.  We all have our own unique attributes.  The more you exhibit yours, the faster your biggest goals will materialize.

No more me-too resumes, ideas, solutions, approaches, outfits, proposals, job searches, sales pitches, product ideas, service lines, email inquiries, packaging or promotion requests.  Blaze your own trail and, just like Philippe, you’ll have more opportunity than you can handle.