Why Not Choose Fabulous?

When bugging my fiancée, Tia, about what she wanted to do next weekend, she jokingly jabbed back with a line that struck me: “I just want to be fabulous,” she beamed.

Although her response was meant to be playful and not taken seriously, her simple words could not have rung more true.  Dictionary definitions for ‘fabulous’ profess a state of marvelous, superb, and incredible.  It also has a fun, whimsical quality.  Quarterly reports can be “solid,” but tart Greek Yogurt with kiwi and sprinkles… now that’s fabulous!

Some additional reflection led me to two universal truths:

1. You Get What You Choose.  We are each in control of our own outcomes.  It’s easy to let the world dictate our path, and there’s never a shortage of people to blame for challenging circumstances.  But the reality is that we each get to choose our own journey.  We can choose to give our days to what matters most, or allow ourselves to be distracted by temptation.  We can choose to set the highest standards – in our companies and families – or we can toss our hands in the air and let fate do as it may.  If you get to choose what you think, how you act, who your friends are, how you spend your free time, what you read, and what you eat… why not choose fabulous?

2. Settling for Less Never Pays.  When you settle for anything less than “wow” customer service, you are systematically robbing the future of your organization by eroding your customer base.  By settling for a poisonous corporate culture, ho-hum advertising, uninspired products, or soul-crushing bureaucracy, you’re also settling for mediocrity.  So many individuals and organizations exert the time and effort to launch companies, hire great people, and bring products to market, only then to fumble just before scoring a victory.  Committing to being the standard by which others are benchmarked has been a winning strategy for over 100 years.  Why not choose fabulous?

Each of us has a profound opportunity to seize our full potential and make the biggest possible impact on the world.  A deep look in the mirror or a stroll through the local art museum will reveal your own ideal outcome.  Maybe you’re destined to be a fabulous teacher, energizing our kids and preparing them for a brighter future.  Maybe you’re meant to be a fabulous dancer, pushing the art form to new heights.

Whether you commit to being a fabulous business leader, parent, or community activist, envisioning the epitome of your craft and then giving everything you have to that result will serve as your roadmap to success.  You make hundreds of choices each day, both big and small.  Why not choose fabulous?