The forceful and deadly 7.8-magnitude earthquake that ripped through Nepal on April 25 ravaged the country, leaving more than 8,000 people dead.

Unfortunately, the tragedy continued weeks later when, on May 12, an aftershock earthquake struck the region for a second time. Only slightly less intense, the aftershock was measured as a 7.3.

The experts who study earthquakes expect and try to plan for aftershocks.

Aftershocks of different nature occur in many aspects of business and life, yet we’re often surprised by their impact and force. To drive meaningful change in your business and life, consider using aftershocks to your advantage.

Creative explosions, for example, are too often considered a “one and done” stroke of imaginative genius. An idea is hatched perfectly and is so powerful that it simply needs basic execution after birth, the theory goes. In fact, creativity is needed not only during the initial idea phase, but also in the dozens (or hundreds) of aftershock decisions that are involved in executing on the new idea.

The initial rush of creativity will likely be rendered impotent unless it is followed up by a series of adjustments and innovations.

The same concept applies for rolling out a new policy, driving cultural change, or rallying the team behind a new plan. The sizzle of a new initiative quickly fades, and sustainable change rarely takes root by just announcing it. Change of all flavors requires not only the big bang of a sexy launch, but also a consistent stream of action to reinforce the need for change and help people adapt to the new world order. Shifting hearts and minds requires stamina, not just sizzle. Carefully plan your aftershock strategy if you’re truly committed to transformation.

Bold sales presentations often need a series of follow-ups to close the big deal. Process improvements require a feedback loop so you can continue to refine and adapt the new operational advantages as you gain knowledge. Even changes in relationships often need a series of aftershocks to ensure the new roles of engagement remain intact.

Yes, think big, bold ideas that pack power. But to bring those ideas to life, plan your aftershock strategy with the same care as the big bang itself. Transformation is within your reach, as long as you’re willing to systematically see those audacious ideas through by adding some shock-and-awe to your execution plan.