Three Little Big Ideas

We are unquestionably living in a landscape of overwhelming VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and uncertainty).  In other words, we find ourselves in batshit-crazy times.  The only way to fight back: inventive thinking.  Here are three real-world examples of bold creativity in action, leveraging the hottest tech trends of our day:


Plagued with 125-degree heat, the folks at the National Center of Meteorology in Dubai have discovered a whole new definition of ‘making it rain’.  Outfitting drones with lasers, this creative team is giving mother nature a nudge by blasting clouds, which in turn triggers rainfall.  Talk about a ‘cool’ solution!  [More here]

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Getting an injured soldier out of harm’s way on an active battlefield is trickier than juggling bowling balls while riding a unicycle.  Which is why the US Marines are now testing the EMAV (Expeditionary Modular Autonomous Vehicle). These unmanned tank-like units will help save lives by quickly extracting the injured combatant without endangering his or her rescuers. [More here]

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Sick of flat zoom meetings? Pretty soon, your virtual meetings may feel just like the real thing.  When Tony Robbins can’t get to a remote spot to give a keynote, he’s now able to beam in using holographic technology to rock the room from thousands of miles away.  Creators are using this cutting-edge tech to bridge the distance gap while better emulating in-person experiences.  [More here]

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These are three fun examples of tech-fueled creativity in action, but of course the world is full with thousands more.  Have any you want to share?  Shoot me an email with any examples you love ( and I’ll be sure to share on social media and give you a high-five callout.