If You Want Growth, Your Company Must Have These Three Non-Traditional Roles

From the local barbershop to the giant, multinational corporation, businesses of all shapes and sizes desperately want one thing: growth. Regardless of industry, geography, or scale, a company’s ability to grow is directly linked to the inherent enterprise value.

In working closely with organizations around the world, I’ve noticed that the ones who really savor consistent growth have three critical archetypes in their leadership ranks: The Hipster, The Hustler, and The Hacker. In smaller companies, a single person may have two or three of these traits. In larger businesses, each role may be filled by an entire team. But if you’re missing one or more of these mission-critical personality types, you’re undercutting your ability to grow. Let’s examine each of them:

The Hipster.

Our first key role understands the times. They’re up to speed with new trends, know what’s relevant and what’s yesterday’s news, and is deeply connected with the zeitgeist of the day. The Hipster ensures the organization is catering to today’s – and tomorrow’s – customer needs, helping to avoid complacency and ultimately irrelevance. Picking up on subtle cues and understanding the convergence of macro-trends, it’s the business equivalent of being fashion-forward.

The Hustler.

Every business needs a promoter, and hopefully yours has the wizardry of legendary boxing promoter Don King. Ensuring that the message cuts through the noise to customers, investors, and employees, this person paints a compelling vision and communicates with passion. The role may be a traditional rainmaking role such as VP of Sales or Chief Marketing Officer, or it could be something more progressive such as Chief Evangelist. Someone has to really embrace the core message, and then scream it from the mountaintops.

The Hacker.

What organization can grow without a figure-it-out czar? Business is all about tackling insurmountable challenges in creative ways – from sales and marketing obstacles, to production and manufacturing pitfalls. The Hacker believes that every code can be cracked, wasting no time saying it can’t be done. Deconstructing existing approaches, defying traditions, and sticking a finger in the eye of conventional wisdom are the hallmarks of this important role.

How does your company stack up when considering these pivotal personalities? If you’re down one, it’s time to recruit or promote quickly. If you lack two or more, you’re in danger of stalling or losing ground. Instead of ensuring traditional roles such as CFO, CMO, and CIO fill your leadership ranks, make sure you’ve got these three growth drivers staffed with A+ talent.

Your biggest leaps forward in growth will occur with the formidable combination of The Hipster, The Hustler, and The Hacker.

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