SPECIAL EDITION: Disciplined Dreaming

It’s Here!!

After two years of research, I am thrilled to announce that my new book has launched and is widely available for purchase. Disciplined Dreaming: A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity offers a 5-part process that will transform your organization – and your career – into a non-stop creativity juggernaut.  Here’s what one business leader had to say:

“In today’s fiercely competitive global marketplace the most important resource any business has is the creative thinking of its people. In Disciplined Dreaming, Josh Linkner lays out a road map that will guide individuals, teams, and companies to higher levels of creativity. It is a journey that will lead to better ideas and breakthrough thinking-and those who take it will also have a lot of fun along the way.”

Bill Ford
Executive Chairman
Ford Motor Company

Disciplined Dreaming…

  • Empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to meet creative challenges posed by the marketplace
  • Turns the mystery of creativity into a fun and simple-to-use process
  • Shows how creativity can be used for everything from innovative, game-shifting breakthroughs to incremental advances and daily improvements to business processes
  • Offers dozens of practical exercises, thought-starters, workouts to grow “creative muscles,” and case studies. Disciplined Dreaming shows even the stuffiest corporate bureaucracies how to cultivate creativity in order to become more competitive in today’s shifting marketplace.

Limited Time Special Offer

If you purchase a copy of my new book Disciplined Dreaming, THIS WEEK ONLY, you’ll receive these FREE extras:

1)  FREE e-BOOK: 59 Creative Sparks: Ideas, Stories, and Rants to Spark Your Imagination, by Josh Linkner ($19.95 value, FREE!)
2)  FREE AUDIO PROGRAM: Breaking Barriers to Unleash Creativity, by Josh Linkner, a new 25-minute audio program that helps you unlock your creative potential ($12.95 value, FREE!)
3)  FREE LIVE SESSION: An invitation to attend to an interactive “brown bag lunch” webcast on Creativity and Innovation, hosted by Josh Linkner ($125 value, FREE!)

In order to get this limited time offer for FREE, simply follow these three steps:

STEP ONE: Purchase my new book Disciplined Dreaming, A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity, prior to 11:59 pm ET on Saturday, February 26. The book is available at all leading bookstores and online at:

Barnes & Noble

STEP TWO: Email a copy of your receipt to specialoffer@icreativity.org

STEP THREE: Within one week of receiving your proof of purchase, I’ll email you a link to instantly download my FREE e-Book and FREE audio program. You’ll also receive an invitation to the FREE interactive “brown bag lunch” webcast on Creativity and Innovation.

Thank You…

I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to the hundreds of people that contributed to the book, and the tens of thousands of people around the globe that follow my blog and have made creativity a key priority. Thank you for helping me make the world more creative and for unleashing your own creativity to drive progress and improve the human condition.

This is our moment to make a difference.  Let’s seize it!

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