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The Ferris Bueller Trap

As individuals in the developed world, we each make around 30,000 decisions per day, according to fellow author and keynote speaker Michael Veltri. Ranging from small choices such as which hand to use when grabbing a napkin, to much larger ones such as how to draft a proposal to win that big new client, the choices […]

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The Secret to Beat the ‘Big Decision Trap’

Making decisions can be downright scary. What if you make the wrong call? What if the new initiative turns out to hurt more than help (remember the launch of New Coke?) “I’d better be careful not to screw things up,” you tell yourself. “Don’t push the envelope. Just keep it safe.” Think how much effort […]

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Reaching Conclusions

As events unfold, it’s human nature to interpret situations quickly and reach immediate conclusions.  We tend to judge swiftly and prefer the binary view of good/bad, happy/sad, or win/lose. In today’s complex world, reaching early conclusions can cloud your judgment and lure you away from achievement.  One of my favorite Zen parables illustrates this beautifully: […]

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