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Why the Term “Entrepreneur” Should be Replaced

Having built five startups from scratch and invested in or advised around 100 others, you could say I’m in the business of “entrepreneurship.” But I don’t think that’s the right term anymore. At all. The word entrepreneur was borrowed from the French language and implies an aristocratic polish. It conjures up images of backroom deals […]

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Overcoming Your Inner Critic

“Stop pushing yourself,” your angry four-inch tall shoulder-Devil whispers in your ear. “Let’s blow off the day and hang on the couch. You’ll never amount to much anyway.” We all have that inner voice – the negative one that whispers fear, guilt, and laziness into our ears. The voice that tells us to take a […]

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Play Up

Imagine you step onto a tennis court, facing a partner that’s at least 50% better than you. As you volley back-and-forth, you notice the precision of your shots, the power of your serve, and the intensity of your game. Your stronger opponent has raised your level of play, helping you push to new heights of […]

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