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What We Can Learn From Tragedy

Like so many around the word, the unspeakable events in Newtown, CT literally brought tears to my eyes.  Even as I write this, my gut is in a knot and my head is pounding like a snare drum.   How could something so unimaginable occur?  What kind of monster could commit such a heinous act?  And […]

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The Myth of Life Balance

In addition to reaching the top of our game in our careers, we feel crushing pressure to excel at nearly every other area of life.  The list of “shoulds” puts us in a pressure cooker that could turn coal into diamonds.  We should be have a sculpted body, be a perfect parent, be well-read and well-travelled, be […]

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Will You Protect Your Newborn?

My nephew Lane is almost four months old. Like most parents, my sister and her husband shower their baby with attention, love, and support.

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