The Weekly Roundup – April 9, 2010

1. Steve Wozniak, Co-founder of Apple, on Innovation:

How did Wozniak and Jobs do it? How did they create the engineering and design juggernaut that is Apple? Check out the interview with Steve – he considered himself an artist. He saw himself as part of a team, he focused on what to leave out, and he thought like an outsider. For other fascinating insights from this genius of the computer age, watch the whole interview:
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2. What Are You Going to Do with that New iPad?

Creativity is impatient; it doesn’t wait for the wisdom of the ages to weigh in – it gets started right away. Here, some highly creative uses you might not have thought about for the new iPad that are already being suggested online:

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3. Mitchell Baker, Mozilla Foundation Chairman, on Innovation:

For Mitchell, something in the way that Silicon Valley focuses on making people comfortable so that they can be as creative as possible, is key. It shows up in the clothes, she says, and the working environment, but also in the constant questioning and the willingness to stay curious even while you’re aimed at a clear end goal.

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4. High-end Hotel Stresses Creativity:

If you’re running the Hard Rock Hotel, it’s a given that you’re cool around celebrities. They’re people too, after all, and just want to be comfortable in their hotel rooms like anyone else. But their hotel rooms might include 2 bedrooms, a Jacuzzi with a flat screen TV, and a patio with a hot tub overlooking the entire city. At 2,000 square feet, one celebrity room in particular is bigger than many houses. It’s all in a day’s work for Matt Greene, who runs the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego:

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