What If?

What if
we encouraged those around us to take risks and try new ideas?

What if you set out to leave your mark on the world instead of following conventional wisdom?

What if we celebrated new ideas as much as near-term financial performance?

What if we taught our kids to follow their hearts instead of following the herd?

What if you gave yourself permission to have more fun and let your creativity shine?

What if you didn’t let fear and imaginary barriers hold you back from reaching your true potential?

What if you committed to becoming a lifelong learner?

What if you injected your co-workers with positive energy three times a day?

What if we removed regret and realized that setbacks are simply the pathway to progress?

What if you decided to make a difference?

What if we prioritized thinking over tasks?

What if you tapped your full creative potential?

What if you let go of the rules and followed your dreams with unapologetic vigor?

What if you refused to accept mediocrity?

What if our kids learned that creative problem solving is more important than rote memorization?

What if you tried something new every week?

What if we didn’t take ourselves so seriously?

What if you seized this moment and committed to change?

What if you had the courage to stand behind your best ideas?

What if you laughed twice as much?

What if you realized that you had the power to change the world?

What if?