Training For Your Own Super Bowl

In less than a month, the two best football teams in the nation will square off for the biggest sporting event of the year.  With an expected audience of over 100 million people, this is the pinnacle career moment of these world-class athletes.  Their chance to shine.  To win.  To make history.

To reach the stadium and be ready for the high-stakes competition, it took the contestants years of focus, hard work, and discipline.  This is the moment they’ve been waiting for since they were children, working tirelessly for the chance to perform in the world’s spotlight.  For the last 10 months, professional athletes have been laser-focused preparing their mind and body for the big game.

Elite athletes who perform at the highest levels also train at the highest levels.  They build endurance through a rigorous regimen.  Raw talent and desire isn’t enough; it’s the intense preparation that enables their peak performance when it matters most.   Someone doesn’t wake up one day and decide to run a marathon the next weekend.  It takes months of grueling work to perform and achieve when the actual contest begins.

Knowing this, why do so many of us take the opposite approach to our lives?  We can easily rattle off the things we want – an inspiring career, healthy family, supportive community, great relationships – as quickly as a little leaguer can tell you that someday he wants to play in the World Series.  The problem is that most of us never bother to establish a detailed and systematic approach to realizing these dreams.  Instead, we let them fade through a series of incidents where we settle rather than persist.

To achieve the goals you seek in your own life, think carefully about how you need to train for that inevitable make-or-break moment.  Instead of pumping iron, your training regimen may include reading books, connecting with mentors, attending courses, or building real world experience.  Start with your desired target and then work backwards to craft a training schedule that will allow you to perform at your absolute best when its game-time in your career, family, and community.

Just like athletic pursuits, training for month or years with focus and discipline may be necessary to achieve at the highest levels.  But that’s what you’re here to do.  Don’t talk yourself out of reaching the incredible heights that are within your grasp.  The sacrifices and effort you make now will pave the way for you to seize your full potential.

There’s an old saying in the sport of boxing: “Champions don’t become champions in the ring; they’re merely recognized there.”  Train for greatness, and you’ll be ready to catch the touchdown pass when you own Super Bowl moment arises.