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If You Want Growth, Your Company Must Have These Three Non-Traditional Roles

From the local barbershop to the giant, multinational corporation, businesses of all shapes and sizes desperately want one thing: growth. Regardless of industry, geography, or scale, a company’s ability to grow is directly linked to the inherent enterprise value. In working closely with organizations around the world, I’ve noticed that the ones who really savor […]

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The Two Must-Have Beliefs of History-Makers

What do world-class athletes, prolific artists, and business titans have in common? What traits are shared by Picasso and Jay Z, Mark Zuckerberg and Leonardo DaVinci, Serena Williams and Mozart? I’ve been reflecting on this a lot recently, becoming increasingly curious to discover the commonalities of the most successful people in history. What makes a […]

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Set Your Internal GPS

Before the turn of the century, drivers relied on old-fashioned paper maps (remember those?) to find their way to a desired destination. Before reliable map technology existed, our ancestors simply headed in a direction and hoped for the best (think Lewis and Clark). These days, we can be far more accurate. Many cars are fitted […]

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